Anterior scalenes & the link to neck pain and hand/arm neuropathy

250px-ScalenusIt is common to feel like there is a need to stretch these muscles. Sure it feels great, but what if they are already on a stretch? If these muscles are overstretched and locked in a long position, it can increase the activation of the strong extensor muscles at the back of the neck, causing pain and headaches, as well as exacerbating stretch tension across the neurovascular bundle. Do you feel your grip strength is poor? Try stretching your neck to the opposite side – this takes the stretch tension off the compressed neurovascular bundle, resulting in better circulation and nerve conduction – does your grip improve?
>>Just because it feels tight, doesn’t mean you need to stretch it.
Case Study Sample:
Active adult, age 29
Symptoms: neck tension on LEFT at TPs
C4-C6, no numbness
Signs: locked long left neck, locked short right neck in coronal plane
Testing: grip loss in both him and pinky with you OK testing on left hand only
Treatment: release of RIGHT side scalenes in coronal plane stretching resulted in return of grip power and motor control on thumb and pinky side of left grip.

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