Balm Balm Rose Geranium lip balm review

The Ecologist magazine reviews Balm Balm Rose Geranium Lip Balm, £3.50

With the oiliest texture of all the lip balms we tried, Balm Balm’s Rose Geranium effort gives lips a beautiful, natural sheen and smells glorious to boot. Shea butter, sunflower and jojoba oils moisturise the lips, while the beeswax seals it all in. Helpfully, it doubles as cuticle cream and is excellent for tackling tough, dry skin on elbows and heels. ‘Balm Balm is made only from vegetable oils and waxes which penetrate the skin easily, allowing it to breathe while conditioning, nourishing and moisturising them,’ adds Taylor. ‘All the ingredients in our lip balms are perfectly safe if ingested so won’t interfere with eating, drinking or kissing!’

Balm Balm products are available to buy at Brighton Bodyworks. Come and try them for yourself!

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