100% organic Christmas shopping with BalmBalm at Brighton Bodyworks

As a massage therapist in Brighton and Hove I am very focused on health and wellbeing, in particular what we put on our skin. At Brighton Bodyworks I use only 100% organic products in my massage, facial and reflexolgy treatments. I stock a range of heavenly 100% organic products from BalmBalm and am absolute addict to all their lovely things myself!

Their body balms and oils incorporate the highest quality aromatherapy oils blended in different combinations depending on your physical and mental wellbeing. Their rose gernaium face balm (£6.99) is  akin to the skin’s natural oils, with aromatherapy essence of rose geranium which acts as a natural hormone balncer. Whether you have dry, or oily skin, rose geranium helps bring the skin back in to balance. I perform my natural facelift massage with their ‘little miracle’ face serum (£13.25) – I continually sell out of this product. take it from me, it is divine! And as an all round tonic to help bring you round from any treatment I am often spritzing BalmBalm’s 100% organic rose water (£13.25). Particularly refreshing in summer!

If you are looking for any extra stocking treats, then I can’t recommened BalmBalm products enough. Please take a look at my online shop –  I am happy to post items or you are welcome to pop by and collect them from my studio here at Brighton Bodyworks.

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