Brighton Bodyworks loves.. Coconut Oil

Here at Brighton Bodyworks we try and live holistically, realistically. That means making little life changes that work for a busy family life and don’t cost the earth – introducing little ripples of holistic living that will some day add up to a sea of health.

When it comes to skincare, I passionately believe that simple things are best. And I wouldn’t be without one absolute wonder of a skin moisturiser.. Coconut oil. You can but it in your local ethnic supermarket (yes, it’s good enough to eat) or health food store; at room temperature it is solid so let it warm and soften in your hands before applying all over. It sinks in in about a minute, and off you go. It’s fantastic for pregnancy, so you can forget all those expensive pregnancy tummy oils. This is all you’ll need. It can also be used as a hair conditioner: it’s rich in various nice minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron and when used as a pre-wash conditioner can really revitalise dry and damaged hair. Or slap a load on to dry hair, wrap a towel round and sleep on it, then wash it all off in the morning. Luscious, shiny hair!

Oh, and it’s also a bit of a wonder food. Coconut oil is recognised by the medical community as a powerful tool against immune diseases (it’s one of the best sources of heart-healthy medium-chain fatty acids, notably lauric acid, which enhances the immune system through its antiviral and antibacterial effects) so is a very healthy choice of cooking oil too! Coconut Oil

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