Cool down with a 100 % organic floral mist

IMG_2517It’s another beautiful day in Brighton and Hove!

In this hot and sticky weather I am never far from my 100% organic floral hydrosols (flower waters).

All clients get a floral spritz to help revive them at the end of their treatments, and I like to use them myself throughout the day. When I was the in-house BalmBalm consultant at Harrods we simply couldn’t stock enough of the rose water; people  bought it by the box load. Since then, BalmBalm have produced three more: chamomile, neroli (orange blossom) and frankincense. My baby gets quite hot and bothered in the heat and he loves the chamomile spritz; perfect for delicate baby skin. My little girl carries around the rose (it’s so gentle that I’m happy for her to spray it herself – even if it goes in her eyes it doesn’t matter). And I fell in love with how the orange blossom immediately transports me back to the exotic aromas of a holiday spent in Marrakech. Spray it on your pillow before bed, spray it in your hair.. Use it anywhere!

BalmBalm’s floral hydrosols can be purchased at Brighton Bodyworks. Prices start at £11 for 100ml.

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