Doula Testimonial – Liz Hougham

“I hardly dared dream that I would get the amazing home birth I did with my second baby, Charlie. It was one of the most intense and empowering moments of my life and I will never forget the inspirational women that were there helping me. Liz was a rock in many ways and I can’t imagine anyone better to have supported our family: she spent time before the birth with both my husband and my three year old daughter and seemed to have a very intuitive sense of each of our needs. My daughter loved her, which meant on the day of Charlie’s birth Lily was really relaxed and happy with everything going on; Liz took such good care of her as well as me. She is very experienced and really knows her stuff – the midwives, the hospital, the home birth team – and was a great listening post throughout my pregnancy. In fact she was like my bag of worry dolls – I could hand it all over to her! I cannot recommend Liz highly enough. As a woman, as a mum and as a doula, she is just lovely and we feel very lucky that we found her. Thank you Liz x”

Liz is a brilliant Brighton based Doula and Antenatal Teacher. Take a look at her website for more info or please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to hear more about how Liz supported us with the birth of our second baby, Charlie.


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