Facial Rejuvenation

This rejuvenating facial massage treatment uses nourishing facial oils of frankincense, mandarin, rosehip and borage to revive the skin’s natural moisture levels and help improve radiance and texture of the skin.

Hands-on firming and lifting massage techniques work the skin and muscles of the face, relieving tension, smoothing fine lines – paying particular attention to the delicate eye area – bringing elasticity and a healthy glow back to the skin.  Gentle stretching around the neck and shoulders combined with acupressure help balance vital energy points and benefit not only the face but the whole body, leaving you feeling calm, clear and rebalanced.

This wonderful massage is suitable for all skin conditions and particularly when environmental stress, business pressure, illness or lack of sleep leaves you with dull, lifeless, sallow skin. It is also proven very effective for those suffering from stress-related conditions and headaches.

Face, Neck & Scalp Massage 45min treatment, £40Natural facelift massage

* Results can be seen after one treatment but to fully appreciate the benefits a series of six treatments at weekly or even twice weekly intervals is recommended, followed thereafter with a monthly maintenance treatment.

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