Can massage help a frozen shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder is also known as adhesive capsulitis and occurs when a capsule that holds the bones, ligaments and tendons of your shoulder thickens and tightens around the joint, causing a restriction in movement.  Anyone who has suffered with it will tell you just how uncomfortable, and restrictive, it is. Symptoms  get worse over time, and include stiffness and pain in your shoulder joint, usually worsening at night when sleeping.

Massage incorporated with exercises and stretches can most definitely help ‘thaw’ a frozen shoulder. Other things that may help include:

  1. Ice your shoulder after heavy activity for up to but no longer than 15 minutes.
  2. Heat your shoulder by taking a shower or using a heating pack in the morning.
  3. Heat your shoulder, if you are not inflamed, before doing your exercises.
  4. Ice your shoulder several times a day when you are inflamed or in a lot of pain.
  5. Support your elbow with a pillow when you sitting and your arm with a pillow when you are sleeping so that gravity does not pull your shoulder down.

Doing selected exercises along with massage will help  your recovery – it may be slow, but perseverence is the key. Acupuncture is also very effective in reducing pain and symptoms, and can recommend an excellent acupuncturist should you need. If you are suffering from frozen shoulder or other back and neck complaints, do give Brighton Bodyworks a call and we can discuss a programme of massage that will help.

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