Neurokinetic Therapy – Call for Volunteers

NKT Assessment

“Motion is a component of movement, but movement requires motor control, which includes stability, balance, postural control, coordination and perception” Gray Cook

Motor control is what we’re trying to effect with Neurokinetic Therapy. Could this be the missing link in your treatment plan?

Neck pain, hip pain, trochanteric bursitis, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, hip height discrepancy, knee/ankle instability… Where is the cause of your dysfunction – can we unravel your faulty movement pattern, and reprogramme it in the brain?

I am currently seeking NKT case study volunteers –  people with ongoing pain/injury who are willing to undergo FREE assessment and treatment as I complete my certification process. The first treatment will be 1.5 hours and will include muscle testing, painless movement pattern reprogramming, and setting some simple homework.

Please call 01273 729691 or email for further information.

Treat the cause, not the symptom. Stop chasing pain!

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