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Half-price Postnatal Massage – with your baby!

I love seeing new mums in my clinic. With two littl’uns myself, I understand first-hand the amazing impact that massage can have on health and well-being during pregnancy and postnatally. These scrumptious little babies are hard work. The magical power of massage makes it a bit easier.

In the ensuing weeks and months after you have your baby focus is all on the newborn; it’s hard to find time for yourself. So I offer a half price postnatal massage to new mums – and your baby can come too!

postnatal massage

Baby Charlie loves massage almost as much as his mum does..

I schedule plenty of time for these sessions so that we can stop and for a feed, nappy change or cuddle whenever necessary. I have all the baby essentials – bouncy chairs, changing mat, blankets and toys galore – or if you would like your baby up on the couch with you, that’s wonderful too.

Benefits of postnatal massage

After the marathon of labour you find yourself bent over a changing table, hunched over feeding, and twisted up carrying this little bundle around. Your back is compensating for a weakened core and relaxin is still coursing around your veins contributing to instability through your hips and pelvis. What’s more, you haven’t had a full night’s sleep in weeks. Sound familiar?

During your treatment at Brighton Bodyworks you will be bathed in skin-softening essential oils, your feet wrapped with steamy hot towels, your scalp gently rubbed and aches and pains tended to. And all of this will cost you just £20 (normal price £40). Call 01273 729691 or visit to book.

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