Scar Tissue Release

Whether you have a recent scar or one that is decades old, whether it is the result of a C-section, mastectomy, hip replacement surgery or an accident, you can benefit from this work.

Scars can have significant impact throughout the body, causing pain and dysfunction long after they have healed and beyond their visible boundaries.  I have seen many patients whose problems can be traced back to a scar – sometimes one they had forgotten they even had! Releasing adhesions and realigning the tissue can help reduce pain and restriction, soften and lighten the scar, and restore movement and function.

Treatments predominantly consist of gentle fascial work and stretching, bringing measurable results both physically and psychologically. This is complimented by the use of organic rosehip and borage oils, known to support skin repair and renewal.

Scar release can be experienced as a standalone treatment or integrated in to a massage therapy session.

Scar Release Therapy, 1hr £50

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