Self-release exercise for neck pain

Tightness at the back of the neck, just under the skull, is a very common complaint. You can help to release these muscles yourself using two massage balls (I recommend Jill Miller’s ‘Yoga Tune-Up’ balls) as follows:

rockwellFurthermore, if you have been assessed and you know that you have weak neck flexors and facilitated extensors – a pattern that is often seen with whiplash injuries, for example – this exercise will help you:

  1. 1) Lie on your back, squeeze your glutes and then flex your chin in to your chest. 4 seconds up. Hold for 4 seconds. Release back down for 4 seconds. Repeat 4 times.

2) Bring your neck back in to flexion by tucking your chin in and making a double chin – this activates the deep neck flexors (longus coli). Repeat the count as above.

Don’t hold your breath – that’s cheating!

If this is initially too difficult then start with your head on a pillow and if it’s painful, stop. You’re not ready for this exercise yet.

If you are suffering from an old whiplash injury or ongoing neck pain, call 01273 729691 to discuss how Brighton Bodyworks can help set you on the road to recovery.


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