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Specialising in the treatement of low back, hip and pelvic pain.


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Treatments Tailored To Your Goals

Soft Tissue Release | Trigger Point Therapy | Myofascial Release
Joint Mobilisation | Kineseology Taping | Medical Acupuncture
Muscle Energy Techniques | Body Mechanics | Movement Rehab

Proven experience in the successful treatment of chronic pain conditions


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Getting you out of pain, moving better & feeling better

Sports Performance

  • Are pain or movement problems restricting your training?
  • Looking to get back to fitness after injury?
  • Want to optimise your performance and stay injury free

Pregnancy & Postnatal

  • Would relief from aches and pains help you enjoy your pregnancy more?
  • Would you like to sleep better?
  • Need help with alignment, pelvic floor, diastasis or c-section recovery?

Health & Wellness

  • Are pain and restricted movement affecting your day to day life?
  • Does it cause you stress or anxiety?
  • Do you want to feel stronger and more capable in your body?

From £37.50 per treatment – call 07881 958093 or book online. Gift Vouchers available on all treatments

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