Thai Foot Massage

Reflexology – Aromatic Balms – Massage

We’ve travelled the globe to bring you the finest eastern and western treatments, and this is much more than just a foot massage. Thai Foot Massage is an all encompassing treatment – incorporating reflexology, aromatic balms, foot and leg massage and ‘sen’ energy work – that will leave you feeling relaxed, yet energised and invigorated. Not just great for tired feet, this powerful treatment stimulates circulation and toxin removal, can reduce stiffness and improve flexibility in the feet, relieve stress, promote restful sleep and improve mental clarity.

Thai Foot Massage 45mins treatment, £45

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 57 ratings

“I suffer from poor circulation in my legs. Having a Thai Foot Massage with Amy once a month has really reduced the puffiness. I now feel more comfortable and able to move my legs more easily”
Lucille, Hove



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