The A-listers into cupping

Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston are among the celebrities who swear by regular chinese cupping therapy. Indeed Jen sparked chatter this week by appearing at the premier of her new film with tell tale circular cupping marks on her back – caused by the increase in circulation in the area where the cups have been placed and the release of toxins from deep in the muscle.

Jennifer Aniston is just one of the A-listers receiving regular cupping therapy

Jennifer Aniston is just one of the A-listers receiving regular cupping therapy

Cupping is used to treat pain, improve circulation, and to just keep the general flow of energy in the body moving. It can be hugely beneficial for back pain, tension headaches, joint issues (tennis elbow, hip pain) and so on. I have recently had a client with plantar fasciatis – a very painful condition causing inflammation of the fascia of the feet – and as a part of their treatment plan I have been using cupping on the soles of the feet to provide relief.

To administer cupping on a client, the area will first be warmed and loosened with traditional massage techniques. Then a flame is quickly lit into the glass cup before the cup is put on your skin to create the suction. Your skin rises inside the cup, but this doesn’t hurt at all. It’s this suction that improves the blood flow and energy – the cups stay on the skin for  up to 10 minutes, or are moved up and down the back.

Cupping isn’t expensive either – an hour long massage incorporating chinese cupping at Brighton Bodyworks will cost you £40. We offer a £10 discount for all first time customers.

Cupping has been around since 3000 BC so it’s not something new. Find out more about cupping and whether it might be something that could help you by clicking here.

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