The fascial layer up close

myofascial releaseI am continuously undertaking further training to build upon my knowledge, keep up with the latest techniques and research, and enhance the massage treatments I am able to offer my clients suffering from pain and restricted movement. I am currently part way through an Advanced Certificate in Myofascial Release and am finding it absolutely fascinating.

Did you know..?

“The fascial network has TEN TIMES more sensory nerve receptors than red muscle” (Schleip 2003, Ven der Waal 2009).

Microtears and inflammation of the fascia as well as stiff or stuck fascial layers can cause pain.

Scar tissue, chronic pain, restricted movement, fascial ‘habits’.. Could myofascial release enhance the effectiveness of your bodywork?

Myofascial release is an important component in massage – particularly for anyone suffering from pain and restricted movement – and I am now incorporating a broad range of techniques in to my massage routines. I have found the changes in my own body having received treatments over the course of my training quite profound and the results and feedback in my clinic here have been resoundingly positive.

Next week I return to Jing for the next instalment.. I can’t wait!

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