Tight hip flexors? Try the Pigeon Pose

Find proper alignment in pigeon pose, practice it often, and those stiff hips will start to feel open again.

Pigeon pose for tight hip flexorsAt Brighton Bodyworks I see a lot of clients with muscular pain and stiff joints. Very commonly people are experiencing low back pain, and this can be treated using a number of remedial massage techniques in powerful combination to release those muscles at the root of the problem.

Amongst the muscles implicated in back pain, but often overlooked, are the hip flexors.

The deepest hip flexor is the psoas, also known as the iliopsoas as it is often called in conjunction with the smaller muscle, the iliacus, which is on the inside of the Ilium. The iliopsoas, with the other hip flexors, lifts the leg when you walk and shortness/tightness in this muscle it contributes to people hunching their backs, restricted movement through the hips and legs, and low back pain.

I see a lot of very physically active people with tight hip flexors (heads up to anyone training for next year’s London marathon!), but those who sit for long periods of time also experience a shortening of these muscles. Remedial massage can help release tension but stretching is ESSENTIAL. My favourite stretch here is a yoga pose: the pigeon pose. Not only does it give a powerful stretch through the hip flexors, it also stretches the muscles around the hip/glutes which can be so hard to get to. Long distance runners, this is a must for you!

If you are looking for a dynamic treatment that combines remedial massage with both stretching and relaxation, please call Amy at Brighton Bodyworks on 01273 729691.


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