What is a doula?

At Brighton Bodyworks I am passionate about providing women with both physical and emotional support; I am lucky myself to have been influenced and championed by some absolutely inspirational women at different stages throughout my life. In fact I am generally convinced that women are amazing!

Becoming a mum has without a doubt been the most life-changing, and life-affirming (as well as the most challenging) experience of my life, and something that has served to connect me to other women in the most powerful way. I was lucky enough to have the support of a wonderful doula throughout my pregnancy, and birth, of my first baby and am doing the same as I approach D-day in this pregnancy.

If you don’t know what a doula is, I think this article sums it up just brilliantly! I would be very happy to share my experience of doula support -both here in Brighton and Hove and in London, if anyone is keen to know more.


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