Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond – Part II

There are two things I am a zealot about in pregnancy. One is massage, the other is yoga. These simple poses will help keep you physically, mentally and spiritually fit during pregnancy, and help prepare you for birth. If you are looking for a pregnancy massage in Brighton, then you must visit me here at Brighton Bodyworks. First postnatal massages after birth are offered at half price, because you really, really deserve it.

Cat pose

Cat Pose cat2This is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do for your entire back; if you have back ache do this every day and will notice difference. Start on all fours with your knees slightly further apart than your hips. As you exhale hug your baby in, and as you inhale release back down in to neutral spine.

Pelvic circles

This move helps lubricate the pelvic area; it feels lovely in pregnancy, and is fantastic in labour to help the baby move in to the optimum position for birth. Ground yourself on all fours and make sure that you keep the tops of your feet pressing down in to the floor. Gently move your pelvis in small circles, gradually letting these circles get bigger and bigger, keeping the movement as fluid as possible. Slow down the circles and come back to centre. Check your positioning – is your weight still spread evenly across hands and knees? – and repeat in the other direction. Pay attention as to whether one direction feels easier than the other.

Pigeon pose

pigeon poseThis is a very effective pose for stretching around the hips and is particularly good if you have been suffering from sciatica or are tight in your hip flexors. Place your hands on the floor under your shoulders and bring your right leg forwards. Bringing this foot forwards, extend your other leg directly behind you. If you are quite flexible, you can reach forward on to your elbows. Change sides. Does one hip feel tighter than other? Breathe in to the hip you are stretching and use your breath to help release any tension (it is thought that a lot of emotional tension is held in the hips).


Amy Weinberger is an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist working at Brighton Bodyworks. Amy supports pregnant women through the physical and emotional transformation at different stages of pregnancy and post birth. Call 01273 729691 to book an appointment.

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