Yoga for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond – Part III

These simple yoga poses will help you throughout pregnancy as you prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for birth and beyond. Having practiced yoga in both of my pregnancies I firmly believe that yoga, coupled with regular pregnancy massages, help keep you relaxed, fit & healthy throughout your pregnancy and can help keep common pregnancy ailments at bay.

Tadasana (mountain) pose

This simple pose symbolises strength. Start in a standing pose, reaching your arms down by your sides sending energy through your fingers. Check that your are not arching your back. Spreading your toes will help you feel strongly connected to the floor. Imagine a string pulling through the crown of your head lifting you taller.

Swing your arms from side to side – keeping your hips forward – this promotes a sense of freedom. Release tension, emotion and anxiety. Weight even in both sides. Roll shoulders up back and down to help open chest.

Tree posture

Mountain PoseThis is a great pose for focus and clarity. Lift one leg and place your foot on your inside thigh, making sure you keep your hips squared. Raise your palms up above your head, keeping your shoulders down. Take fluid breaths and soften your gaze. You should feel an equal stretch down both sides of your body. Repeat on the other leg. Do you feel more balanced on one side?


Simple stretching – against the wall

Lean your hands flat against the wall. Keep your back as straight as possible, don’t collapse in to it. This is a good alternative to downward dog for stretching your back and backs of legs. Climb your arms up the wall as high as they will go, feeling a stretch in your arm pits and chest and taking deep breaths in to these areas. This stretch helps create space and is particularly good for indigestion and heartburn.

For more information on how pregnancy massage can help you maintain the best mental and physical health throughout your pregnancy, call Amy Weinberger at Brighton Bodyworks on 01273 729691. Amy is an advanced clinical massage therapist specialising in supporting women throughout pregnancy and beyond. Massages start at £40.


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