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Sports & Clinical Massage Therapy in Brighton and Hove

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Over 100 5-star client testimonials

‘The treatment itself was wonderful and it actually worked. I got up pain free. I even cried after I left as it was the first time I hadn’t felt pain in four years’
Lucy Yallop

'Amy is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled therapists I've seen. She's helped me resolve several issues for which I'm very grateful'
Caroline Wilson

'Amy spent a long time listening to my issue, then formed a comprehensive plan for the hour and following week, which has led to complete resolution of my problem'
Johnny Sadler

'My experience was nothing less than fabulous. I was completely satisfied with Amy's professional approach and her warmth. A remarkable combination'
Felice Rhiannon

'After sessions with Amy I can move, sit and turn in bed without pain! I am much more comfortable in the 39th week of pregnancy than I was the last few months'
Dagmara Weckowska

'I have tried quite a few different bodyworkers but Amy is my favorite. She is extremely knowledgeable and sensitive - I always leave feeling great, physically and mentally'
Jemma Deer

Getting you out of pain, moving better & feeling better

Sports Performance

  • Are pain or movement problems restricting your training?
  • Looking to get back to fitness after injury?
  • Want to optimise your performance and stay injury free?

Pregnancy & Postnatal

  • Would relief from aches and pains help you enjoy your pregnancy more?
  • Would you like to sleep better?
  • Need help with alignment, pelvic floor, diastasis or c-section recovery?

Health & Wellness

  • Are pain and restricted movement affecting your day to day life?
  • Does it cause you stress or anxiety?
  • Do you want to feel stronger and more capable in your body?

From £33* per treatment - call 07881 958093 or book online. Gift Vouchers available on all treatments

  • Healthy Hips, Low Back & Pelvis

    Specialist treatment to correct a number of issues relating to the low back, hip and pelvis. Read more..

    • £5060 mins
    • £7090 mins

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  • Sports & Clinical Massage

    Are you struggling with ongoing pain, a nagging injury or restricted movement? Then this outcome-based treatment is for you.  Read more..

    • £5060 mins
    • £7090 mins

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  • Pregnancy ‘Grow & Glow’

    A blend of targeted techniques to alleviate low back, hip and other pregnancy aches and pains, aid relaxation and leave you with a glow of wellbeing. Read more..

    • £5060 mins

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  • Postnatal Rebalancing

    Powerful but soothing techniques to help you get back in to shape after the birth of your baby. Targeting alignment, muscular tension, pelvic floor, diastasis and c-section care.

    • £5060 mins

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  • The Wellness Suite

    Luxurious, restorative treatments to relieve stress and tension using organic aromatherapy oils, hot stones and intuitive massage. Read more..

    • £5060mins
    • £7090mins

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  • Treatment Packages

    Would regular massage help reduce your stress levels and keep you pain and injury free? From £37.50 a session, this is an affordable way to make massage a part of your routine. Read more..

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    • Fit Bump! Functional Pregnancy Exercise

      You’d be surprised at what you can still do during pregnancy! Integrative exercise adapted to the changes & challenges of each trimester. Read more…

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      • Medical Acupuncture

        To help speed recovery from sports injury and ironic pain, either as a standalone session or an adjunct blended with other therapy techniques. Read more…

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        • Gift Vouchers

          Looking to spoil someone special? Want to congratulate a friend on their pregnancy, or support them in their health & fitness goals? Read more and buy online for next day delivery..

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          What My Clients Are Saying...

          "It feels like a miracle!"

          "Amy methodically worked to understand all the connections that gave me pain in my hip and the locked sensation in my lumber spine. I'd suffered with it so long despite yoga. So it feels like a miracle! I no longer want someone to kick me in the back to unlock me! And the hips are moving more freely. I will definitely return to see Amy if I need." Susan Board

          "Amy exceeded my expectations massively and the results are fantastic!"

          "I have been through various treatments in the past 5 years for lower and upper back pain – chiropractor, physiotherapy, sports massage. After spending lots of time and money yet not seeing much improvement, I went on a new search.. Amy exceeded my expectations massively and the results are fantastic!" Ali Wood

          "She always manages to sort out my sacro-iliac back problems when they arise"

          “Amy is a very skilled, intelligent, knowledgeable massage therapist. She always manages to sort out my sacro-iliac back problems, combining intensive and effective muscular treatment with a soothing, holistic approach which leaves you feeling calm and well cared for. I always leave feeling better.” Claire Anstey

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