Aromatherapy Massage

 Soothe tension through the neck and shoulders | Open the body | Quieten the mind Rejuvenate tired limbs  | Unlock stiff joints

The moment you settle down on the heated treatment bed, feel your body start to unwind and your mind let go. This highly indulgent treatment encourages the body to find its own ‘melting point’ by combining gentle but powerful massage techniques with myofascial unwinding and the exquisite stillness of cranial sacral work.

The finest quality base oils of jojoba, rosehip and borage nourish skin at the deepest level leaving it feeling soft and beautifully conditioned. Essential oils are chosen for their aromatherapeutic qualities: rose geranium helps hormone balance, a hint of mint aids mental clarity, uplifting ginger warms and detoxifies and woody blends of cedarwood and sandalwood bring a sense of grounding and security. Coupled with the warmth of the heated treatment bed, hot towels wrapped on the feet, candlelight and floral mists you will leave feeling like “a floating little cloud” (Nat, Brighton).

1hr treatment £50

90mins £70

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