100% organic skincare for all skin types

100% organic facial The 100% Organic Balm Balm Facial the gentlest way to care for your skin simple & effective for all skin types. Very few if any facial products today are 100% Organic. To achieve our 100% status at Brighton Bodyworks we have had to forgo creams, lotions, gels & clays – the ‘expected’ content of a facial routine. YOU CAN Cleanse Tone & Nourish your skin without these ingredients and that is exactly what we do with the Balm Balm 100% organic facial.

WHY though, should we want our facial routine to be so different? BECAUSE creams, lotions and gels require non organic additives to stabilize and preserve them due to their water content and clays are minerals, the use of which, deplete our earth’s resources.100% organic facial Using Balm Balm’s gentle 100% organic facial regime allows your skin to return to its’ naturally vibrant condition – the way it should be. There are NO down sides to caring for your skin in this way just a change of mind set. The absence of water, stabilisers, emulsifiers and preservatives allow these products to simply do what they say they will without confusing the natural balance of your skin.

The 100% Organic Balm Balm Facial is a breath of fresh air. It returns us to traditional ways of caring for our skin that showed in our mothers and grandmothers’ ‘peachy’ complexions before skincare became so complicated. This regime will not be for all – but for those who are yearning for something that will not irritate or interfere with their skin’s natural function and will not dry, clog or force-feed their skin, this will be the end of their search and a beginning of something simple & effective.

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