A New ‘Roll Model’

As part of my commitment to clients at Brighton Bodyworks I continually undertaking further training and research in to the best methods to help clients out of pain and in to sustained recovery. My reading list grows by the week and I am very excited by the latest text I am exploring: Jill Miller’s ‘The Roll Model’.

massage ballsSome clients come to me for an hour’s pampering; time away from the demands of daily life, a chance to switch off and let go. The therapeutic value of this ‘switching off’ alone is wonderful. But many clients are suffering with muscular-skeletal pain – be it an injury that has come on suddenly or built up slowly over time to the point that it is becoming restrictive in a person’s life.

Massage is one of the most instinctive things we do ourselves: if an area feels sore, we rub and soothe it. People often use massage sticks, knobbles, spiky balls, foam rollers and so on to help with this. With a little knowledge and guidance from me, clients can help themselves much more powerfully, much more successfully, in between visits. This may mean gentle stretching suggestions and advice on posture and exercise. And advice on using those other bits of equipment mentioned above. We have enormous potential for healing ourselves.

‘The Roll Model’ uses rubber therapy balls and rolling exercises for self-treatment. They come in different sizes to target different areas of the body, and with the desired pressure. The smallest ‘Yoga Tune Up’ ball, for example, is like a thumb compressing its way in to your tissues. The PLUS is similar to an elbow, and the ALPHA is like a fist. The reason I like these so much is that there is the exact variety to get the impact just right. If you are using hard objects to get to those spots – tennis balls, golf balls, even the massage knobblers – stop. The pressure is likely to be too much and you may cause yourself more pain later on. As Jill Miller says, ‘Remember, your soft tissues like a soft tool!’.

The therapy balls can be used throughout the entire body. Suffering from low back and hip pain? Let’s look at how you can use a ball to get in to the QLs and the piriformis. Does tension in your jaw contribute to your tension headaches? Let’s try using a ball on the masseter muscle. Knee pain suspected  to be due to fascial restrictions in your IT band? Foam rolling can be too much here, let’s use two of the balls with cross fibre and compression. And so it goes on. Commitment to some self care exercise for a few minutes a day may make all the difference.

Right then, time for me to take my advice and go and do my ten minutes before my next client arrives. If you are looking for help with soft tissue pain, an injury, or just some relaxation time for yourself do give me a call on 01273 729691. Appointments available Mondays, Wednesday and Thursdays, and Saturday mornings. Weekday evening appointments also available.

“Empowering myself to intuitively and authoritatively address my needs as they arise. Reducing my pain, irritation, or emotional suffering in a self-compassionate and long-lasting way” Jill Miller


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