Are you sitting comfortably?

Virtually all my clients here at Brighton Bodyworks, when asked, are in some kind of pain. There are no prizes for guessing that the most common are neck and shoulder, and low back pain. In the majority of cases caused by long periods of sitting, and tapping away at our computers.

My goal is for you to walk out of here in less pain, having resolved some of the soft tissue issues causing the problem. But what we really want is sustained improvement; for the problem to get better in the long term, not just when you come to see me. To that end it is worth addressing how factors in your lifestyle can be adjusted to stop the exact same thing happening again.

This nice little cartoon gives some nice visual cues on how to adjust your posture when sitting and using a computer. it’s worth two minutes of your time – I myself have found my pelvic pain has been profoundly reduced now that I don’t cross my legs or ankles (which takes the pelvis out of balance) when I am sitting.


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