Episiotomy/Tear Scar Self-Massage

Frequently after perineal tears or episiotomy there is a build up of scar tissue in the perineum. To help reduce pain and soreness and to restore function in the pelvic floor muscles and the perineum it is necessary to do gentle scar massage. You can do this technique yourself at home:

He may look cute but he's got a lot to answer for!

He may look cute but he’s got a lot to answer for!

Perineal massage

Place the scar between the finger tips. You might have to place one finger inside the vagina and one finger outside the vagina, gently gripping the scar between the fingertips in order to roll it. Roll the scar between your fingers for 2-3 minutes or as tolerated until the scar feels loose, less painful and more pliable.

Ideally this should be done every day to try and break down that scar tissue, giving more flexibility.

I treat women throughout their pregnancies and postnatally and this is something we often discuss, along with how to treat caesarean scars, diastasis recti, and more general support. If you would like to have a chat or book a session please call Amy on 01273 729691.

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