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Neurokinetic Therapy

"The Missing Link"

What is NKT?

NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a technique used to get to the root cause of muscular tightness and pain, often where other options have failed.
Treating the site of your pain alone is an outdated approach. It may fix your issue in the short term, but it is more than likely only part of the picture and your symptoms will return. This pain is telling a story, but what?

Movement patterns are stored in the brain

It's easy to think about movement in terms of muscles and forget that every movement we make is owned and controlled in the brain. When things are working as they should be, the brain's Motor Control Centre (MCC) recruits the right muscles and joints at the right time and we move well. But when postural habits, injuries and physical and emotional traumas disrupt things, the brain wires in dysfunctional movement patterns and starts using different muscles. In the short term this might serve well, but in the long term it leads to aches, pains and niggles. This is the root cause which needs to be addressed.

With NKT we are able to narrow down the key culprits in a given pain pattern, and reset dysfunctional relationships in the MCC. More often than not the problem is not where you expect:

• Does your shoulder hurt? Perhaps you have an old opposite hip injury
• You have plantar fasciitis? It could be due to lack of glute activation
• Chronic neck pain? Chances are it’s directly related to an unstable core and lumbar region

NKT can be experienced as a standalone treatment or incorporated in to a sports/clinical massage therapy session.

NKT, 1hr session £45
NKT + massage therapy, 1.5hrs £65

  • Neurokinetic Therapy

    Case Study

  • "What a rewarding feeling to have a senior ballroom dancer leap off the table yelling "I can dance! I can dance!" while dancing around the room. I had 30 min on a first visit to try isolate something that would give relief. Inhibited Piriformis - facilitated by same side upper hamstring and QL. I thought she was going to kiss me!"
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