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The chemicals damaging your skin

The British Society of Cutaneous Allergy has recently issued a warning regarding chemicals found in skin care products, at a time when allergy and skin problems are at an all time high.

At a special session of The British Association of Dermatologists Annual Conference in July, leading dermatologists presented research highlighting fears of a new epidemic of contact allergy and eczema linked to the chemicals methylchloroisothiazolinone and methylisothiazolinone. These preservatives are widely found in creams, shower gels, deodorants, hand lotions, washing-up liquids, moist wipes, cleansers and shaving foam, and are thought to be behind an unprecedented rise in skin irritations. What’s more, up to 60% of these chemicals are absorbed directly through the skin and in to the bloodstream.

Are you able to simplify  the number of products you use, or better still switch to natural, organic brands? In my treatment clinic here at Brighton Bodyworks  I use only the purest, 100% organic products in all massage and facial treatments. These award winning aromatherapeutic body oils, balms and facial products are blended to be soothing, mood enhancing, indulgent and above all relaxing. They are suitable for even the most sensitive skins and they’re good for the environment too.

I can advise on the therapeutic properties of the essential oils before you select the blend for your treatment. Rose geranium, for example, not only smells divine but works wonders on both dry and oily skin as it helps hormone balance. Ginger aids detox and warms aching joints. Frankincense promotes deep breathing, relaxation and skin oxygenation.

New clients receive a complimentary bath and shower oil of their own chosen aromatherapy blend after their treatment.

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What else? Wear a hat, stay out of the midday sun, take high dose Vitamin D3 and lots of extra virgin coconut oil!

Organic skincare

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