Brighton Bodyworks’ massage of the week! Thai herb massage

If you are in Brighton and looking for a pampering treat, then why not try a thai herb compress massage at Brighton Bodyworks?

This massage uses heated muslin parcel of aromatic, medicinal herbs and spices such as lemongrass, kaffir and camphor, each with their own unique healing properties. I steam heat these muslin balls and apply the compress to the body along the sen energy lines, soothing muscle pain and stiffness, nourishing the skin and providing a highly effective detox. The aromatic herbs promote deeper breathing and help calm the mind, while the heat penetrates into the tissues, giving a deeply relaxing yet very gentle massage.

You are welcome to take the two compresses I use during the massage home with you – these can be used as a bath soak, you can use them directly on the body yourself, or as a room pot pourri.

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